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Cracking the Code and Staying out of Prison

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Roy Shelburne

CDT Codes are changing at an unprecedented rate and ICD-10 completely new to many practices. In the CDT, over 175 additions, deletions, and modifications have occurred over the past 3 years. ICD-10 is a new medical coding system that became mandatory on October 1, 2016 for medical payers. Many practices are unaware that Medical plans will reimburse dentists for necessary treatment. Remaining current is essential for maximum reimbursement and documentation that supports the treatment is paramount. This course will provide the most current information regarding these most recent CDT coding changes and will identify those services that could qualify for medical plan reimbursement. The information is designed to maximize legitimate reimbursement, leaving no money on the table. There are many new strategies that will directly affect reimbursement and the bottom line. Move your practice to the next level by arming the doctor and staff with the latest coding information.

Learning Objetives:
1. To laugh while learning
2. To assess if you are losing money because you are using old codes to file insurance claims and/or not utilizing optimized Medical coding for medical reimbursement
3. To provide the latest dental coding information on CDT and ICD
4. To equip the practice to obtain maximum legitimate reimbursement

5:30pm – Registration & Dinner • 6:00 – Course begins • 2 CE • RSVP by 6/12/19 • Register online at yourdentalimplants.com/events

Dr. Roy Shelburne is a 1981 Honor Graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Dentistry. After graduation, Dr. Shelburne opened his practice “back home” in his grandfather’s hardware store building and practiced there for 27 years. He has been a past president of the Southwest Virginia Dental Society and has volunteered at Virginia’s various MOM projects across the state. Dr. Shelburne has also been a short term missionary with the Baptist Medical Missions International to Honduras, CA. Some dentists may fear litigation, but few worry about going to prison. Dr. Shelburne became aware that he was a target of an investigation when on October 24, 2003 the FBI broke down the back door of his office and confiscated all his business and dental records. Over the course of the next 3 years every aspect of his life was subjected to the closest scrutiny.

Roy was indicted in October of 2006 was found guilty of healthcare fraud, racketeering, and money laundering in March of 2008. He was sentenced to 24 months in Federal Prison and was ordered to pay fines and restitution. Roy was released from Federal custody in May of 2010 is presently serving a 3 year period of supervised probation. During the investigation as well as in the preparation for and during the trial it became apparent that his records, billing, and coding systems were faulty and ignorance is no excuse. The Court stated that this action was intended to send a message to the healthcare community and Dr. Shelburne has taken that statement literally.

Dr. Shelburne has now focused his efforts toward the education of others to prevent the same from happening to them. His message is that it is possible to implement systems that can form a defensive systems approach. A speaker, consultant, and writer, Dr. Shelburne specializes in record keeping and business systems that protect and defend.

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June 19 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
3690 S. Yosemite Street
Denver, 80237
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