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Cosmetic Procedures

Our practice can solve
many problems with
cosmetic procedures
that use crowns or
, depending on
your specific situation.

We offer the following options to help you enjoy a beautiful and sustainable smile.

Correcting a Gummy Smile – Gum sculpting can easily help teeth appear more natural and dramatically help improve a smile.

Root Coverage – This helps conceal unsightly roots that result from gum recession. Gum grafts restore healthy tissue and improve appearance for a more beautiful and healthy smile.

Irregular Levels – It’s difficult to create a truly beautiful smile without a natural gum contour. This procedure can take your smile from good to great.

Ridge Augmentation – Tooth extraction can leave an unsightly ridge in the gum line that prevents artificial teeth from looking real. Ridge augmentation helps create a natural-looking smile by fixing this problem.

Treating Extraction Sites – Our surgeons use tooth extraction methods to prevent unsightly ridges for patients. This leads to a smile that you will be proud of when the tooth is replaced.

Correcting a
Gummy Smile

A gummy smile makes the teeth look short and not
proportionate with the patient’s face. The smile can be
greatly enhanced by sculpting the gum to make the
teeth appear more natural.

Tissue surgically
trimmed to normal

Overgrowth of gum
tissue during

Healed tissue with
a pleasing appearance

Tissue surgically
trimmed to normal

Tissue surgically
trimmed to normal

Root Coverage

Fixing Gum Recession with
Dental Root Coverage

Gum recession often shows the  unsightly root of the
tooth. Following gum grafting, root coverage may be
desired by patients to improve appearance. A connective
tissue graft provides new attached gingiva while
covering the root surface.

Recession of canine
gum producing a
“fang-like” appearance

Complete root
coverage with
normal gum contour

Front tooth with
root exposed

cosmetics after
root coverage

Root coverage of upper
premolars, left and right

Unsightly anterior recession

Recession corrected with root
coverage procedure

Gum Levels

Simply put, irregular gum levels detract from an
attractive smile. Unless the gum has a natural contour,
the results with new crowns can never be satisfactory.
We may choose to change a single tooth or work on all
the upper front teeth to provide the optimal appearance.

Short lateral tooth,
with low gum

Gum made level with
adjacent teeth so normal
crown could be placed

Irregular gum
levels with short,
chipped teeth

Following gum
and crowns


Once teeth are extracted, the bone often resorbs during
healing and leaves a gum indentation. The bridge placed
prevents the artificial tooth from looking real.
Consequently, the artificial tooth appears to be growing out
of the gum and can’t be distinguished from the natural teeth.

The surefire way to treat a ridge deficiency is to prevent it from
occurring altogether. Performing a ridge augmentation at the
time of extraction can manage the amount of bone loss.

Severe ridge defect
after extraction

Ridge augmented to
return normal shape

Deficient ridge
artificial tooth
look unnatural

Ridge augmented
and expanded so
artificial tooth
appears to
emerge from gum


A resorbed ridge forms once the gum heals down in the socket before the bone has time to completely reform. To prevent bone resorption after extraction, we advise the socket be filled with a material that reduces gum shrinkage and prevents gum down growth. It’s ideal to treat the problem before it occurs.