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Waterlase is a safe, gentle alternative to traditional periodontal surgery techniques. Waterlase is a noninvasive laser therapy for the treatment of periodontal disease, and other periodontal treatments.

For our patients who are candidates for laser therapy, this approach can help patients achieve improved oral health.  Other welcomed benefits include less painful treatment without cutting or stitches, less risk of infection, shorter appointment times, and an easy and fast recovery.

Waterlase treatment combines water, air and laser energy for safe use on human tissue in the mouth. Our teeth are partially made up of water and when the laser makes contact with the tooth it excites the water molecules to cut through the tooth. Since the laser continuously sprays out water it keeps the tooth hydrated preventing heat and giving you a virtually pain free experience.

Waterlase allows our team of periodontist to:

  • Prepare some cavities without the need for local anesthetic or the dental drill
  • Provide immediate relief for cold sores
  • Relieve tooth sensitivity caused by to cold foods, drinks, sweets, and brushing
  • Treat early-stage periodontal disease as an alternative to surgery
  • Perform cosmetic gingival (gum) smile-line recontouring
  • Alleviate tooth sensitivity after gum treatment or surgery

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