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At Altura Periodontics of Denver, we see every day how dental implants can transform our patients’ mouths — and their lives. As a permanent solution to missing teeth, dental implants are some of the most innovative solutions in dentistry today

When a tooth is missing, a replacement should be put into the open space in order to maintain proper dental alignment and health. At our Denver Dental Implant Center, we offer single tooth replacement services for patients to restore your natural smile.

Dental implants are a standalone tooth replacement option and do not utilize existing teeth. An implanted-supported crown is far superior to a traditional tooth-supported dental bridge:

Preserve adjacent  healthy teeth and jawbone
Dental implants look, feel and function like your natural tooth
Dental implants are designed to remain aesthetically pleasing for a lifetime
Cleaning is easier and more hygienic
Implants do not decay so you will never need a root canal

Check out the below examples of a single tooth replacement, using an implant.

Since the bone support was adequate in both height and width, only minimal access was needed in the gum to access the bone. Patients essentially experience no discomfort when minimal access is required in implant placement. In this example, a healing cap was placed to keep the gum from covering over the implant. This approach negates the necessity of a second surgical procedure to expose the implant.

  • Single missing tooth to be replaced with implant supported crown

  • Small punch is made in gum, revealing adequate bone width for implant

  • Drill at crest of bone, preparing to drill a hole that will receive the implant

  • Hole prepared in bone. Notice markings on a drill to determine the depth of the hole.

  • Implant with carrier resting on plastic handle and ready for insertion

  • Implant/carrier being placed into the prepared hole

  • Implant and carrier in place

  • Carrier removed, and implant seated flush with crest of bone

  • Healing cap screwed into implant, to keep gum from closing over implant during healing

  • Side view of healing cap



We specialize in this advanced and effective procedure placing implants
that are made to look and act like your natural teeth and offer a
worry-free solution with long-lasting results to patients.

To learn more about how a dental implant can renew your smile with
tooth implants, please contact our Denver office today.