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Ignoring Gingivitis? It Can Lead to Major Health Problems

Ignoring Gingivitis? It Can Lead to Major Health Problems

Denver, Colorado-During your next dental appointment, you might be told you have some degree of gingivitis. The dentist explains that regular brushing and flossing will restore your gums back to their optimal condition. However, you forget about paying closer attention to your oral hygiene routine.

If this sounds familiar, your gingivitis could be worsening.

“When we fail to take care of our teeth the way we should, our body tries to compensate,” says Denver periodontist Dr. Emilio Arguello. “In order to destroy the bacteria, blood vessels are brought into the gum tissue. That’s why you may notice bleeding when flossing or brushing.”

Gingivitis can be corrected without much hassle in most situations. Careful maintenance of one’s teeth and gums stops periodontal disease in its tracks. Unfortunately, tartar and plaque that aren’t removed have the potential to grow and spread beneath the gum line. The gradual advancement of bacteria down the tooth can yield destruction of the gum and bone.

“Periodontitis, the next type of gum disease following gingivitis, can wreak havoc on your gums,” explains Dr. Arguello. “Pockets will form between the gums and teeth, causing infection. In the most advanced cases, teeth become loose.”

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, patients can experience numerous forms of periodontitis, including the following.

  1.  Aggressive periodontitis-A person in overall good health usually is diagnosed with this type. Severe bone destruction often comes with aggressive periodontitis.
  2. Chronic periodontitis-The most common form of gum disease, chronic periodontitis results in inflammation, pocket formation, gingiva recession, as well as bone loss.
  3. Periodontitis as manifestation of systemic diseases-This type comes about at a young age typically. Major health issues such as respiratory disease, heart disease and diabetes are common.
  4. Necrotizing periodontal disease-Periodontists peg this as an infection resulting from necrosis of gingival tissues, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament. Lesions involved in this form of gum disease may also suffer from immunosuppression, malnutrition and HIV infection.

The variety of possible complications that stem from periodontitis makes it that much more important to control gingivitis in its earliest stage.

“Periodontal disease can have a negative impact on your heart health,” says Dr. Arguello. “Research indicates that depleted gum health increases the risk of both stroke and heart disease. That’s why we drive home the point with our patients that periodontal maintenance should be taken very seriously.”

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