Homedental implantWhat can happen if I don’t replace a missing tooth?



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What can happen if I don’t replace a missing tooth?

What can happen if I don’t replace a missing tooth?

Your mouth, jaw, and body are designed to operate together at peak efficiency. When you lose a tooth, this efficiency decreases and function suffers. In addition to cosmetic reasons, not replacing the tooth will cause several problems for you down the road. The case for replacing a natural tooth is a strong one and patients can suffer a number of negative consequences if they decide to delay a dental implant.

  1. It affects other teeth and can get significantly more costly over time. Depending on the reason for losing the tooth, not replacing, or even delaying replacing it, can eventually lead to more costly procedures in the future. When you lose even one tooth and don’t replace it, the gap causes your other teeth to shift and try to fill the gap because teeth support each other.
  2. The bone in the jaw that formerly supported the missing tooth begins to deteriorate and can also cause your bones to shrink.
  3. It’s harder to eat  and you may have worse overall health. Since you’ll likely be avoiding certain foods with a missing tooth, you’ll be missing out on nutrients your body needs to support its overall health.
  4. Furthermore, if you develop gum disease as a result of a missing tooth, it can possibly affect your heart and/or your brain.
  5. It can ruin your smile and hurt your self-esteem, confidence and also affect your speech. You will not be able to talk, eat or smile properly.For each missing tooth, you lose approximately 10% of your remaining ability to chew food.

Dental implants are the best way to give you back your smile and most people are candidates for dental implants regardless of their age. So, chances are great that you are!. Dental implants are permanent and can save you money in the long-run.  In general, the success rate for dental implants is very high— well above 90% and with proper care implants can last a lifetime.

If you have a missing tooth, don’t hesitate to replace it. Contact us for a consultation.  After an examination, our team of expert periodontists can explain the treatment options that are best suited to provide a long-term solution for one or more missing teeth, and help restore and maintain your overall oral health.